A Review of the Awesome Canon 300mm f/2.8 MKII With Sample Images and Video

The first thing that becomes rather apparent when using the 300mm f/2.8 L Series MKII lens is it’s size. It is so big that it even comes with it’s own travel case. It certainly grabs people’s attention when out and about with it. Almost every outing with it, people would stop and ask me about the lens. It’s also pretty expensive, at around five thousand pounds it may be beyond the reach of the average photographer. The handy carry case that comes with the lens adds to the sense of drama when it’s time to do some photography:

The Canon Lens Case - 300B
The Canon Lens Case – 300B
The 300mm focal length of this lens really makes it ideal for motorsport. Despite all that massive glass it has no problem tracking and panning cars. Whether you’re shooting at a 30th or 3000th of a second, the results are fantastic. It really had no issues tracking fast moving subjects or with panning tricky subjects.


When it comes to it, whether I would have 300mm f/2.8 or the 300mm f/4, it really is a tough one. The f/4 just feels so much more agile and honestly, a lot easier to shoot with. The f/2.8 is just magical to use though, the image quality is incredible, even wide open. It just has a hefty price tag, I suppose that is the only limiting factor. For a detailed review with sample images watch the following:

A special thanks has to be given to our good friend Dave Cox for helping us out with this review, have a look to see what else Dave has been getting up to and some of his amazing automotive images on his blog: https://shootingdave.wordpress.com .

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