20 Goals to have in Your Photography Bucket List

Whether you take photographs for fun or work as a professional photographer, it is likely that from time to time, you view other people’s work and think ‘I want to take a picture like that one day.’ Rather than trying to remember all of the different subjects you want to shoot or things you want to achieve, why not write them down as a bucket list?

Here we have provided an example of a photography bucket list. We have included everything from things and places you may want to capture on camera to goals you may want to achieve as a professional.

1. Sunrise over water

Although it has been done time and time again, most photographers (amateur or professional) strive to capture the perfect sunrise over water photograph. This should be one of the easier goals to tick off your bucket list, though it will mean setting your alarm and getting up early!


Image source: https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2231/2285115469_ff5c4761d4.jpg 

2. Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal in India is easily one of the most striking buildings in the world and therefore a photographers’ dream to capture on camera. For centuries it has been one of the must-see tourist sights and although millions of photographers have already taken pictures from the same spot, there is nothing wrong with wanting your own.

 3. Newborn baby

Many photographers seek to capture life at its very beginning and nothing shows that better than a newborn baby.

 4. Eiffel Tower at night

Whilst the Eiffel Tower has been photographed many times, there is nothing to say you cannot go and take your own. We recommend taking your photographs at night, as you will be able to experiment with the lights shining off the tower. A shot of the Eiffel Tower at night can make the perfect canvas for your home.

 5. Celebrity

Whether you are celebrity crazy or not, there is likely to be at least one famous person in the world that you would love to photograph, so why not put them on your photography bucket list? Whilst we certainly do not recommend stalking the rich and famous, there is nothing wrong with asking them for a quick snap if you happen to bump into them at a celebrity hot spot or event.

 6. Win a photography competition

Winning a photography competition will feel like a huge achievement, no matter what the prize is. Contests are usually free to enter and can often lead to great things, such as your photographs being featured in magazines and other professional publications. Who knows, it could be just what you need to give your career a boost!

 7. Sell a photo

Nothing is more rewarding than when someone else actually wants to pay for something you have made yourself. If you are just starting out in the world of professional photography, make selling a photo one of your top goals on your bucket list. It will feel so great ticking it off once you have done it!

 8. Have worked published in a top publication

Another goal professional photographers may want to include on their bucket list is having their worked published in a top publication. If you are a fashion photographer, this may be a magazine like Vogue or Elle. These publications will often pay hundreds and thousands of pounds for top quality photographs and will look great on your CV!

 9. Empire State Building

Another landmark that is commonly found on photography bucket lists is the Empire State Building. This amazing building has been the focal point of many photographs, though we never get tired of seeing it.

The Empire State
The Empire State Building New York

10. Lightning

Although storms are not the most pleasant of weather conditions, lightning can create the most striking (excuse the pun) photos. The fact that it is so unpredictable makes it a unique challenge for photographers.

Lightning storm

Image source: https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2908/14339739430_bc05835cb9.jpg

 11. Under water

Under water photographs can be truly enchanting. Just make sure that you have the necessary waterproof housing for your precious DSLR camera!

12. Wildlife on safari

Something that many photographers would love the chance to do is photograph the wildlife on an African safari. The fact that the animals are so spontaneous and unpredictable makes taking their photo a thrilling challenge for photographers.

 13. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Whilst we do not recommend illegally climbing the pyramids of Giza like Russian photographer Vitaly Raskalov did, we definitely recommend including them on your photography bucket list. As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramids of Giza will make a stunning shot and photographing them will be an experience of a lifetime.

 14. Time Square, New York

If you love experimenting with colour and enjoy street photography, why not put Time Square, New York as one of the places to photograph on your bucket list? Again, Time Square has been photographed many times, but it is important to remember that no two pictures are ever the same.

 15. penguins in Antarctica

Whilst it will definitely be one of the hardest goals to tick off on your bucket list, there is nothing wrong with aiming high. Capturing shots of the penguin colonies in Antarctica would be truly amazing.

 16. Start a photography blog or website

If you are just starting out in the industry and are looking for easy yet valuable goals to put on your photography bucket list, why not include starting a photography blog or website? A photography blog will allow you to showcase your work to others and will double up as a great portfolio when it comes to getting paid work.

 17. The canals in Venice, Italy

Venice is such a beautiful and graceful city, making it the perfect place to capture romantic photos. For an eerie, yet stunning photo, why not capture the canals at nighttime when no one else is around?

18. Stonehenge at sunset

Stonehenge is a place you can easily tick off your photography bucket list, however the more patient of you may want to consider waiting until sunset to capture it. Judge it right and you will be able to capture a shot of the sun shining through the gap between the stones.


Image source: https://farm1.staticflickr.com/117/312257988_4d29a6c8c0.jpg

 19. Northern Lights

Any photographer that has seen the Northern Lights in person will tell you that their photographs do not do it justice. Whilst that may be true, if given the opportunity, this is definitely something you should seek to tick off your photography bucket list. Just make sure you do not spend the whole time looking through your camera lens. It’s important to take photographs in your memory too

The Northern Lights are truly spectacular and would be a dream to photograph.

Image source: https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5465/10014783623_f0428045b9.jpg

20. Have a solo exhibition

All professional photographs strive to have their own solo exhibitions at prestigious galleries and with hard work and dedication; there is no reason why you cannot achieve this. Of course you will need to start out small by sharing exhibition space and generating interest in your work. Be sure to visit galleries in your local area and talk to other photographers to see if you can collaborate. 


So there we have twenty goals you may want to consider for your bucket list. Have you got any more you could add?

Image credits: Adventures of KM&G-Morris, Cecile Nouail, Amen-Ra & Moyan_Brenn

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